namas kalne


Lithuania, Vilnius

Interior Architecture | Design

Viktorija Tribockienė / Julija Mikalauskė



Lina ADi photography

An integral complex of modern architecture located on a small hill in Vilnius city. The site of the house is in a new residential quarter with active recreation, outdoor sports and green areas.

The interior of 96 square meters house is minimalistic with as little as needed for function or aesthetics. In the interior dominates a contrast of white, dark grey and wood tones, filled up with black fragments. The character of home is created with various natural, rough textures – decorative plaster, concrete, a split-stone surface tiles and natural wood finishes that softens the interior.

The main interior walls and the stairway are covered with clay plaster. It develops a natural look, which brings not only a warm feeling to the space, but also is environmentally friendly. The dining area is surrounded by a warm wooden element – slatted natural oak finish, rising from the floor to the ceiling.